10 reasons why
The OfficeFinder is your best solution


...and your trusted partner throughout your office search

  1. You gain valuable time: The OfficeFinder brings your office solution to you while you get on with setting up your company or expanding your core business.
  2. A tailored office lease: At The OfficeFinder, we are experts in our field, with thorough knowledge of the market. We are also up to date with relevant environmental factors and the current regulations and legislation. Not Jack of all trades, but a master of one!
  3. Cash is King: Office accommodation is the major cost for businesses after wages and taxes, so it's worth looking into the subject properly. The OfficeFinder guarantees a tailored office solution and will ensure you only pay for what you really need. 
  4. Best office-leasing conditions: The OfficeFinder specialises in negotiating; that way you can be sure of the best conditions and a straightforward leasing agreement.
  5. You have your solution more quickly: With our expansive network and knowledge of the market, at The OfficeFinder we will quickly and efficiently find you an office solution. 
  6. Free service: An OfficeSearch is entirely free of charge; the OfficeFinder recoups its costs from the owner/lessor.
  7. Your business productivity increases: A well-thought-out working environment motivates the people who work there and contributes to their productivity and the success of your business.
  8. The OfficeFinder is your partner and the sole point of contact for your entire office project: You can rely on us for the complete process from seeking an office solution, contract negotiations and legal advice to fitting out the working environment and contracting suppliers.
  9. With our international experience, at The OfficeFinder we can also be your partner abroad. 
  10. It's a win-win situation: Our success is your success!

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